Barista Training Course - £99 per person

Always wondered how make the perfect frothy coffee?

Your wait is over with our Barista Training Course. 

This course is aimed at a coffee lover for making the perfect coffee at home or someone looking to work within the coffee industry.

Whats involved?

We want to make your Barista Training Course fun and exciting as well as creative.

The Barista Training Course usually lasts around 2 hours, however, this often depends on the ability of the individual. We allocate 3 hours just incase. 

Our Barista training course, will show you every stage of perfecting your coffee making skills.

You will join our Barista on our Tuk Tuk Coffee Van and learn through practical demonstration, tasting, feeling and good old hands on trial and error all in a safe and controlled environment.  

By the end of the course you will be able to impress  with your coffee knowledge as we look at everything from coffee origin, harvesting, roasting methods, packing, freshness and storage. 

We cover the practical elements to help you consistently serve great coffee.

This includes:

Coffee grinder calibration
Coffee dosing
Coffee extraction
Milk formation
Menu creation

You will also get a free 220g bag of our famous Little Bean Colombian Coffee to take home. 

Our Barista Training Courses are available to book any time of the day and day of the week. We do recommend booking on a morning or you may not be able to sleep as you will be drinking a lot of coffee! 

Need us to come to you?

We offer onsite training for your business or at your home. There are additional charges for this; get in touch for a quote


For safety of you and our Barista, we are currently offering the course to one person at a time, unless you live in the same household, where we can offer the course to two people.  

We welcome the use of masks and we encourage everyone to keep a safe distance.